Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Kite Making

The bright sparks kite
Yesterday the bright sparks made a kite for our reading follow up.
First we got the supplies from Gary which was:

2 pieces of wood
Bubble wrap
Then gary put a deep notch in each of the pieces of wood. Then we put the two pieces of wood together and tied them with a piece of string.
Next we cut another piece of string and made a diamond shape with the wood.Then we secured the string at the top of the diamond shape.Next we cut the frame to a diamond shape of bubble wrap. We taped the bubble wrap diamond to the frame. Lastly we used the rest of the bubble wrap as bows.
Gary helped us build the frame  and the face. We got Gary to put his fishing rod on then we tried to fly it  but it didn't work because there was not enough wind. we only had two successful flights and it stayed in the air only a few seconds. This is our most successful one…

By the bright sparks Sebastian, Lucas, Lily and Sofia

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