Monday, 1 May 2017

Welcome to Term 2

Welcome back to school! Yesterday we started our term with an ANZAC service and later this week we will continue with our Turbo Touch lessons. Over the holidays a stocktake was conducted on our readers that students bring home and unfortunately there were many that had to be removed or repaired. As we are beginning our reading programme for the term it is really important to remind students about taking care of the resources that they bring home from school.

Today we had a look at the Matific programme which students are now going to be able to use as part of our class Maths programme. Matific is an online programe which has hundreds of interactive activities which are linked to all different areas of maths. I am able to choose and set tasks for the students which are linked to the curriculum and our classroom programme.

Students have individual logins and are able to access the programme at home if they wish to do extra learning however Mathletics will continue to be the primary focus for homework. We are excited to have another fun way to hook students into maths! If you have any questions please check out the programme or let me know.

Have a great week!
Mrs Mainey

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