Monday, 15 August 2016

Yesterday it was our turn to participate in the What's on the Menu programme and the kids had a fantastic afternoon working out in the garden and cooking in the kitchen!Our kitchen crew used the radishes, carrots, spring onions, celery, peas and broccoli picked from the school gaqrden to create a delicious Vege Fried Rice. After watching many students go back for seconds (and thirds!) it was decided that this recipe was definitely one to be made again!

It was lovely to finally have a rain free, sun shining afternoon so that our garden crew could take care of a few jobs like trimming the apple tree, emptying the worm farm castings and tidying up a few of the plants. Some children even took a few vegetables over to the kindy to feed the guinea pigs :)

Just a reminder - speech preparation should be well under way by now as we will be presenting these next week. It is great to see many students organising their speeches onto cue cards and practicing with them so they become confident in using them. Take every opportunity you can to practice your speech - read it to friends, grandparents, aunts, cousins - everyone! That way you will learn when to pause and won't rush when it is time to present to the class.

Mrs Mainey

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